ECO2 Efficient Cleanroom Operations

ECO Cleanroom Control

The ECO2 cleanroom control system was developed by Connect 2 Cleanrooms to provide optimised automatic cleanroom control and monitoring.

The flexible system can be incorporated during the cleanroom design phase, but can also be quickly and easily retro-fitted or scaled up if the size of a cleanroom needs to be increased.

The system is designed to minimise energy use, extend filter life and allow the simple control of modular cleanrooms, creating a culture of continuous improvement. 

Real-time visibility

Our ECO2 control system gives real-time visibility on a cleanroom’s performance by monitoring pressure differentials, temperature, relative humidity, particle counts and other requirements.

Complete cleanroom control

The digital, touch-screen panel – which can be operated while wearing lab gloves – allows control of the full range of cleanroom auxiliary items, including fans, lighting, temperature, humidity and more.

Control access is set using predetermined access levels to prevent unauthorised access to critical controls.

The system can be operated on a timed setup allowing power saving outside operational hours.

Continuous monitoring with alarm function

Continuous monitoring is provided through remote sensors that are located in the critical points of operation. The system is set up to alarm if any monitored parameters vary outside of a user-specified threshold. This enables set limits to be continuously monitored and flagged if there is an excursion. 

SMS or email alerts can be sent when an issue is detected, for example if an element of the cleanroom is in need of service or falls outside defined operating parameters. This is accompanied by a visual on-screen warning for added peace of mind.


Fully auditable data, with trends as well as real time data that can be extracted in as little as two minutes.

Batch control

Clients can record batch ID against datasets, making it suitable for full audit trail requirements for traceability of data.

Digital, touch-screen control

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a full colour Touchscreen, displaying cleanroom status. The HMI allows clients to monitor and control all environmental parameters within the cleanroom environment.

  • Touch-screen has IP54 rating
  • Icon-based, intuitive interface
  • Password protected
  • Program reminders for service
  • Provides remote diagnostics
  • Integrate with existing facilities management systems and business management systems (BMS)

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