Connect 2 Cleanrooms design, build and validate industry-leading critical environments. From Custom-built to Ready-to-ship, our range of cleanroom solutions will provide you with the most appropriate classified environment for your process.

Our Cleanroom Range

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GMP Cleanrooms

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  • Diminishes the risks inherent to (bio)pharmaceutical production.
  • Protects against viable and non-viable particulates, as well as cross-contamination.

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ISO Cleanrooms

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  • A repeatable environment for production of a reliable product.
  • High-performance cleanrooms designed to interface with your existing facility.

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Rapidbloc™ Cleanrooms

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  • Designed, installed, and validated in just 4-6 weeks.
  • Precision-engineered using standard parts to create customised layouts.

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Rapid Room cleanroom kits

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  • A swift and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications.
  • Perfect for use as an entry-level solution or for a quick way to react to growing production demands.

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Envelope construction Monobloc, Hardwall, Softwall Monobloc Hardwall, Softwall
Standards ISO 14644-1 Class 5-9 ISO 14644-1 Class 6-9 ISO 14644-1 Class 7-8
Size Unlimited Up to 100m² Up to 18m²
Lead time Despatch from 8 weeks Completion in 4-6 weeks In stock now
Control Fully integrated monitoring & control system option Manual control of fan speed Manual control of fan speed
Decentralised air handling system Using HEPA or ULPA filtration Using HEPA filtration Using HEPA filtration
HVAC Close temperature & humidity control (monobloc only); Comfort cooling Comfort cooling  
Interlocking doors      
Lighting Flush LED lighting with PIR option; Surface-mounted LED lighting Surface-mounted LED lighting Surface-mounted LED lighting
ESD control options      
Installation & validation     Optional
Flooring Coved vinyl or looselay Coved vinyl or looselay Looselay
Machine interfaces      
Roller shutter      
Transfer hatches      
Furniture package      
Variable height      
Walk-on ceiling      
BMS integration    |   
Integrated benching    |   
Bespoke footprint      
Semi flush      
Fully flush      
UV options    |   
Branding options    |   | 
Sliding doors      
Access canopies      
Structural integration      
Rapid installation      
Self install option      
Breakout panel      
Fire safety integration    |   
Fire rated panel      
Integrated LFU      
CFD airflow modelling    |   
Monobloc system      
Hardwall system      
Softwall system      
Lux level mapping    |   
O&M manual      
Pressure differential monitoring      
More info GMP CleanroomsISO Cleanrooms Rapidbloc Cleanrooms Hardwall Cleanrooms KitsSoftwall Cleanrooms Kits
More info GMP CleanroomsISO Cleanrooms Rapidbloc Cleanrooms Hardwall Cleanrooms KitsSoftwall Cleanrooms Kits
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Frequently asked questions

What cleanroom construction type is right for my project?

We offer softwall, hardwall, and panel system as options for your cleanroom project. GMP cleanrooms will always need the flush panel system, but ISO cleanrooms are more flexible. The right construction type for you will depend on your process, but our Project Sales Engineers will be able to talk you through your options.

How much is an average cost per square metre for a cleanroom?

This depends on the construction type and class, but we can provide you with a rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost which gives you an estimated price range based on your requirements. Contact us to request your ROM price.

Do I need a cleanroom validation?

Every cleanroom design and build project will be validated during the commissioning phase. Then ISO 14644-2:2015 dictates that they need to be validated every 6-12 months depending on their class and your risk assessment. We have a dedicated after-sales and validations team who can talk you through your requirements.

What class of cleanroom do I need?

Ultimately, this depends on your own process and risk assessment. If you aren't sure, speak with your regulatory body and auditors to find out what their expectations are. We have a regulatory and governance team who will make sure your new cleanroom is designed to be compliant with your required ISO class or GMP grade.

What sets us apart?

With an end-to-end service, our multidisciplinary team design, deliver, and commission complete cleanroom systems.

  • Full project management and ongoing maintenance
  • Decades of experience in functional and mechanical system design
  • Technical specification and reliability of our cleanrooms is second to none

As part of the Angstrom Technology Group of Companies - delivering over 100 cleanrooms every year - we’ll work with you to standardise the quality and performance of your cleanroom facilities worldwide.

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