What are Rapidbloc™ Cleanrooms?

Rapidbloc™ Cleanrooms have been developed to meet the urgent critical demands of our customers in some of the world’s fastest moving industries, such as healthcare and advanced manufacturing. 

A semi-bespoke design process allows a customised layout to be configured using standard parts. Rapidbloc™ Cleanrooms meet the same high level of specification as our semi-flush bespoke cleanrooms and are validated to ISO 14644-1:2015 as standard.

Benefits of Rapidbloc™ Cleanrooms:

  • Time-saving – designed, installed and validated in just 4-6 weeks
  • High quality – precision-engineered to deliver ISO-compliant performance
  • Cost-effective – the design process maximises yields to ensure best value for money
  • GMP options available
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Technical Specification

Rapidbloc™ Cleanrooms use a high standard of modular components to create precision-built, controlled environments.

  • Designed to achieve ISO 14644-1:2015 Classes 8, 7 or 6
  • Standard specification includes flooring, coving and lighting
  • Optional extras include temperature control, service trunking and vision panels

Multiple zones can be created to deliver efficient layouts that meets the needs of process, product and people.  

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The Process

Rapidbloc™ Cleanrooms are delivered in just 4-6 weeks so organisations can see a fast return on investment. Thanks to the semi-bespoke design approach, even the quotation and design stages are expedited so clients benefit from a rapid response through the entire project.

Rapidbloc Cleanrooms project timetable

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