Planning & Design

Planning & Design

Through collaborative consultancy in the design build phase, our specialist and highly skilled team will deep-dive into your User Requirement Specification (URS), using a robust methodology to bring the concept to life, ensuring your facility is repeatable, consistent and auditable.

We use a systems engineering approach to design effective air handling and interfaces between non classified and classified clean areas, to reduce the risk of particulate or microbial contamination of the product or materials being handled.  Kingspan’s market-leading and fully-flush envelope system further supports EU-GMP compliance, reducing the ingress of contamination and facilitating best practice cleaning regimes.

Our ECO control system provides operational process environmental monitoring data by batch, with an action and alert function if operational conditions vary outside of specified limits to indicate a potential drift from normal facility conditions.

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Cleanroom Project Management and Delivery

Cleanroom Project Management and Delivery

Our planning team give our clients continuity from the design phase through to installation, blending client communication and the behind-the-scenes coordination of our team of cleanroom professionals.

Our comprehensive EU-GMP design package includes digital site surveys, coupled with offsite construction methodology allow us to successfully deliver cleanroom projects on time and on budget, resulting in a process-driven cleanroom solution to drive growth and efficiency.

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GMP Cleanroom Qualification

Commissioning and Qualification

With performance as a core principle, we will collaborate with you to provide the correct qualification testing to determine, document and validate that your cleanroom system is compliant with your URS requirements and EU-GMP guidelines.

A Design Qualification (DQ) document will be produced in collaboration with you to document that the design meets the URS. We would then produce Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) protocols and templates to detail what testing would be done, and what qualifies as acceptable at both stages.

Our Installation and Validation team are cleanroom trained, so in addition to health and safety on-site competence, they operate with a high degree of compliance and professionalism.

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