Smart Cleanrooms

Smart Cleanrooms

Advancements in cleanroom technology, environmental control and the Internet of Things (IoT) create new opportunities for organisations to become increasingly efficient in their process.

Our clients need a partner that can harness the complex and technical nature of these Industry 4.0 advances, in order to reduce risk and improve process control. Finding the most appropriate cleanroom solution to meet your specification is our passion.

Our modular cleanrooms convert existing facilities into classified clean environments. Our innovations make them smart. With touch-screen environmental control, alarms and remote diagnostics, they give process-confidence assured.

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Planning & Design

Planning & Design

Through collaborative consultancy in the design phase, our specialist and highly skilled team will find the right combination of parameters that will deliver results for you.

So you can benefit from a cleanroom which seamlessly interfaces with your existing facility, we use technologies such as point cloud surveys and CFD airflow modelling to plan performance, with exacting accuracy.

Our SolidWorks qualified CAD engineers, use 3D modelling to bring a concept to reality, collaborating with facilities planning to ensure functional design.

The result will be a smart, process-driven cleanroom solution.

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Offsite Cleanroom Construction

Offsite Cleanroom Construction

We embrace the latest advances in offsite construction methods to successfully deliver accurate and effective cleanrooms, with a significant reduction in the overall project time span of up to 50%. For you this means we'll bring in your project to specification, on time and on budget.

We do this by applying a greater investment of time in the planning, design and manufacturing phases of a project, using BIM techniques, precision engineering and controlled manufacturing.

This front end loaded process leads to a shortened installation schedule - resulting in material optimisation and a 'clean' and efficient installation.

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