Cleanroom Planning & Design

Cleanroom Construction Projects

We design and build classified cleanroom environments, taking you from concept to qualification and beyond. Our in-house capability leads to smooth project management, by creating a flow of information and retained knowledge.

As a cleanroom partner, we create seamless interfaces between facility and cleanroom, planning performance with exacting accuracy on even the most complex of cleanroom suites.

  • Turnkey panel system cleanroom facilities with fully-flush finish
  • 3D and digital technologies facilitating cleanroom planning and ISO and GMP cleanroom design
  • Robust project management for smooth project delivery
  • Technical support provided through in-house team
  • Qualification testing & validation to ISO 14644-1:2015 and GMP Annex 1
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Smart Cleanrooms

Modular Cleanrooms

Our modular cleanrooms convert production facilities into classified clean environments. We have the experience and technical know-how to develop a unique solution in collaboration with you.

These freestanding structures use decentralised air handling to process and deliver the high volume of clean air needed to achieve particle concentration levels detailed in ISO 14644-1:2015.

Our in-house team will help develop an efficient layout for your modular cleanroom, balancing process flow with the factors that will provide regulatory compliance such as air changes and pressure differential.

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Offsite Cleanroom Construction

Cleanroom Project Management and Delivery

Our in-house team of cleanroom experts gives our clients continuity from the design phase through to installation and qualification.

Our SolidWorks qualified CAD engineers use 3D modelling to bring an ISO or GMP clean room design concept to reality. The introduction of Industry 4.0 innovations such as clean room environmental control, BMS integration and remote diagnostics drive efficient process control for our clients.

Offsite construction methods allow us to successfully deliver cleanroom projects on time, on budget and to specification.

This process means our experienced and qualified installation and validation team will deliver a clean and coordinated installation, resulting in a process-driven cleanroom solution to drive growth and efficiency.

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