Planning & Design

Design and project preparation

Through collaborative consultancy in the design and engineering phase, our team of in-house engineers will deep-dive into your process to develop the right structural and mechanical system design to deliver results for you.

When transforming your URS into a functional and detailed design specification, our team will balance operational requirements, workflow optimisation, running costs and building regulations, resulting in a fully optimised solution.

We will create a seamless interface between your facility and cleanroom, using Building Information Modelling (BIM), point cloud surveys and CFD airflow modelling to plan performance with exacting accuracy. With technical 2D designs and virtual 3D renders, we’ll offer you a preview of the entire facility before it is built, allowing you to visualise and integrate workflow and layout. Working to the latest BIM standards, we operate with increased levels of coordination, through clash detection and prefabrication.

Off-site construction offers a more accurate and timely installation ensuring cleanroom projects are completed on-time.

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Cleanroom Project Management and Delivery

Materials, air handling and controls

Over the years, we have developed proven envelope solutions and reliable HVAC concepts for many applications. Our complete systems meet the required ISO classification, as well as qualification to international engineering and building standards and regulations.

Structural and mechanical system design is essential to achieve functional and regulatory compliance. Our cleanrooms deliver the highest quality with controlled running costs. Each one features an air handling system that is optimised for the intended application and operates with redundancy to improve reliability.

Our ECO2 environmental monitoring and control system helps simplify all aspects of cleanroom management. It allows control of the full range of cleanroom auxiliary items to achieve optimum conditions for lighting, temperature, humidity and particle counts. Users can remotely control and monitor multiple rooms, and it can be integrated with existing facilities management systems and business management systems.

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Commissioning and Qualification

The final qualification of your room is more than just a procedural finish of the build. Qualification is the final step that closes the loop, by verifying the Performance Qualification against the agreed URS.

In the commissioning phase, we verify the mechanical completion, verify and execute Factory and Site Acceptance Testing, and continue with the formal Installation and Operational Qualification. While commissioning can be viewed as primarily an engineering test, qualification testing is directed with oversight from the quality assurance team.

After the Performance Qualification, we provide a technical validation report and deliver your qualified project within time and on budget.


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