When it comes to choosing the right contamination control partner, you need to know certain things about how a company operates to ensure that your investment will be protected.

Here, we try to address some questions you may have, by showing the vital steps we take to ensure that we manage risk for our clients.

Is the cleanroom specification functional?

We assess your requirements and deep-dive into your process to create the most appropriate contamination control solution for you. The result? A process-built modular cleanroom that, by design, is able to grow with your business.

Will our investment be protected?

We have a strong financial position with significant growth projections, meaning we’ll be here to give you continued support over the years.

We also hold stock of critical spares which gives peace of mind on our commitment to your cleanroom’s performance.

Is quality important?

We are ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited and have a dedicated full time Quality manager, Lynda Cooper – to ensure we not only consistently deliver on quality but also consider the environmental impact of our product and service. In addition we are also OHSAS 18001 accredited, meaning we have occupational health and safety systems in place.

Who will be involved in creating my cleanroom?

We use our own internal team of design and engineering staff, all certificated and accredited to cleanroom technology (CTCB-i). Our engineers are accredited to perform filter integrity testing and trained to provide GMP and ISO testing. Ongoing support will be provided through a dedicated Account Manager.

What happens after my cleanroom is built?

We are here for the entire cleanroom lifecycle, with validation and training services. Ongoing consumables support will also be provided through a dedicated Account Manager. We believe in training and developing our team. As a result, we have a low turnover of staff - so experience is retained in the business.

If you have any more questions you’d like to ask us, please get in touch.

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