This year’s International Symposium on Contamination Control and cleanroom technology is being held by the Dutch contamination control society (VCCN), who is hosting it in the Hague.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms (C2C) will be on stand 1 throughout the event, introducing visitors to how we can help support their entire cleanroom lifecycle, with fully-fitted, modualr cleanroom solutions.

This year, Rowin Vos, General Manager BV at C2C, joins the speaker programme and will deliver a presentation (11am on Tuesday 25th September) on the hot topic of offsite construction in the cleanroom sector.

“Outside of the cleanroom industry, offsite construction methods are really gathering pace and today equate to a meaningful contribution to the construction industry,” says Rowin.

“We won the Best Cleanroom Facility Award at the Cleanroom Technology Conference this year, for a cleanroom where we pioneered these methods, allowing us to deliver the comprehensive project, within budget and on time.”

The presentation will feature the history of offsite construction, along with the fundamentals of the differing approach from the design process to delivery within the cleanroom sector.

The symposium starts on Sunday 23rd September with a social programme, followed by a two day conference programme, including tutorials and workshops. It closes with technical visits to companies such as Philips, ASML and ESA/ESTEC/Space-Expo.

More information on the ISCC 2018 can be found on our events page.

Event details

ISCC 2018, World Forum, The Hague in the Netherlands, 23 to 26 September 2018

Offsite construction – the latest innovation in global cleanroom manufacturing (Rowin Vos), 11am on Tuesday 25th September

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