In this blog post, Matt Palmer, our Territory Account Manager - South West discusses the unique way we collaborate with clients to develop their perfect contamination control solution.

As a specialist cleanroom provider we work with a variety of companies across a range of sectors. This often means we run into a multitude of differing requirements and cleanroom understanding. This is exciting as it allows me to see how other businesses operate and I get to learn about so many unique developments that are happening in the South West of the UK.

It is this insight and collaboration with our clients that pushes us to create innovative designs to help companies continue to develop all over the UK and the world.

A Helping Hand

It can often be very easy to get lost in the jargon of Cleanroom Technology so we walk our clients through the process as a partner. This means that even if they have never seen or been around a cleanroom before, we can help them design their very own room.

As an account manager, one of the first items I like to focus on is understanding the processes that will be going on within the cleanroom footprint. This allows us to design a room to fit the desired requirements. The benefits of this mean we are able to combine the client’s knowledge about the product/process with our knowledge about the standards, the cleanroom envelope and environment control.

The end result is a bespoke contamination control solution provided by the only fully integrated cleanroom solutions provider in the UK, Europe and Rest of the World.

I would liken my approach to that of Phil Spencer on the TV programme Location, Location, Location! He takes a list of requirements, taking time to understand the clients most important elements of the house and then try to find a suitable offering that ticks as many boxes for the budget provided.

We will approach a design proposal in a similar way, but the difference is we don’t go and find the solution that fits best - we build your perfect room.

We’d love to talk to you about where we can support your specific cleanroom requirements. Contact us, to start discussing your project today.

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