In this blog post, our Planning Lead, Karen, discusses how thorough planning and coordination helps us deliver cleanrooms on time and to specification.

When a cleanroom design & build project goes live, I’m introduced as the main contact for clients. My role is a blend of client communication and behind the scenes coordination of a whole team of cleanroom professionals, from design to installation.

I will introduce key members of the team and also communicate the milestones which are to be hit in order to keep the schedule on track. We have a project tracker which holds the deadlines for our process and our regular team communication drives us, keeping us on track.

I work with the procurement team, ensuring the material planning process is aligned and we have enough time to work to the committed delivery dates, including the preparation and quality checks.

People resource planning is also an important part of my role. We have a range of skillsets and specialisms within the Installation and Validation team, which we’ll consider when planning the team for each project. We also consider the proximity of the client location to where the engineer’s is based and if the engineer has worked on the project or for the client previously, for continuity.

It’s an agile process of constant planning and review, to ensure that we deliver a plan that suits our client’s requirements and organise the resources we need to make it happen.

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