Off-site Construction - Latest Innovation in Cleanroom Manufacturing

Traditional, modular, on-site or containerised systems are commonly adopted construction methods within the cleanroom industry.

The introduction of the off-site cleanroom construction option is just one of the latest innovations to be introduced to the cleanroom industry by leading cleanroom manufacturer, Connect 2 Cleanrooms. Other industries / sectors are adopting this modern method of construction, which is seen by key players and the government as crucial to improving efficiency, cost, quality and sustainability.

off-site construction

Using proprietary components to build a facility that meets the customers’ exact requirements, the bespoke modular cleanroom offers great flexibility to future relocation or expansion, allowing you to manage your investment in stages to ensure cost effective ROI at all times.

There are a range of terms which have been used for off-site construction but fundamentally it is the manufacture and pre-assembly of construction components, elements or modules in a factory environment before installation into their final location.

off-site construction

Off-site construction provides a safer working environment, as the accident rates in manufacturing are some 29% less for major injuries and 52% less for fatalities than traditional build construction sites. Therefore, moving construction activities to a factory environment should correspond to a significant reduction in the number of major injuries and fatalities which are recorded each year within the construction industry. (Krug, et al, 2013).

Pioneering off-site construction methods in the Cleanroom Industry

As the leading manufacturer in modular cleanrooms, Connect 2 Cleanrooms remain forward thinking, focussing on new solutions to ensure product quality and customer choice. With over 15 years’ experience they are pioneering new technologies in off-site construction, in-line with other industries. A first in the modular cleanroom manufacturing sector!

  • Improved safety
  • Low cost
  • Low risk
  • Improved timescales

The off-site construction method can be used for a variety of cleanroom purposes including large open spaces with no internal supports. Using pre-fabricated panels in preference to the frame system, the apertures and fixtures will be prepared off-site to minimise time, reduce safety risks and minimise the need for the specialist trades on site, e.g. electricians. Door systems will be delivered as hybrid systems with frame handles, glazing and interlocking systems in place.

As a more cost effective solution for clients the off-site method allows you to stay within your allocated budget and control lead times, as decisions are made well before the installation date. More time is allocated to the complex and critical design stage, which ensures accuracy and reduces the installation time on site, minimising business disruption, as well as offering a cleaner, safer and less congested site.

Off-site construction offers a more accurate and timely installation with less chance of failure, with all elements being tested prior to delivery to site ensuring these cleanroom projects are completed on-time.

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