Laminar Flow Hoods

Laminar flow cabinets and laminar flow hoods are perfect for creating an ultra-clean environment within a laboratory, manufacturing area or cleanroom.

Our laminar flow hoods can achieve ISO class 5 conditions and suits a wide number of applications. We can also design bespoke laminar flow units, tailored to match your process.

laminar flow hoods

What is laminar flow?

Laminar flow is where a fluid flows in one direction, with no interruptions from turbulence. In a laminar flow unit, clean air has a unidirectional down flow from the face of the fan filter unit. The accurate terms to describe these units are unidirectional airflow cabinet and down flow booth - however laminar flow cabinet or laminar flow hood are the cleanroom industry's preferred terms.

A unidirectional down-flow of clean air ensures that only extremely clean air passes down over the process, protecting sensitive products and processes from airborne particulate. This means that the environment will be free from any particles shed from operatives, and any particles generated from the process.

Bespoke laminar flow cabinets

  • HEPA fan filter unit & pressure gauge to allow real time filter monitoring
  • Can contain either HEPA or ULPA filters depending on the required classification
  • Stainless steel bench (solid or perforated) to mount the cabinet
  • Optional LED cleanroom lighting, to illuminate processes
  • Optional integrated flatscreens to show production staff assembly instructions
  • Any additional requirements


Laminar flow hood installation options

Each laminar flow hood comes supplied in assembly kit form with easy to follow step by step instructions & video instructions for easy self assembly.

Alternatively, installation & validation is optional. This includes a validation certificate for clients and auditors, giving your processes authentication and you peace of mind.


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