UltraTech Precision Flush Doors

UltraTech flush doors have been created for stringently controlled hygiene requirements.

  • Flush finish
  • Choice of cores to provide a range of U-values or fire rating
  • CLEANsafe coating systems to protect against humidity and chemicals
  • HYGIENEsafe anti-bacterial coating option
  • Stainless steel hinges, handles, door lock and recessed drop-seal
  • Optional double-glazed flush vision panels
  • Optional door interlocking system

Door Interlocking System

The system ensures that there is at least one locked door between the internal and external cleanroom environment. This creates an airlock to protect the integrity of the clean environment. The system can be integrated with single leaf, double leaf and sliding doors.

Red and Green LED indicator/ push buttons are integrated into each door frame.

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