Hardwall Cleanroom

Hardwall panels are a high-integrity modular cleanroom wall construction. Panels are mounted onto coated steel frames to create robust walls, which enclose the clean area.

This hardwall cleanroom construction is suitable for ultra-clean environments such as ISO class 5-6 clean zones, that require a greater level of control to achieve higher levels of cleanliness. But the bright and durable finish of the hardwall cleanrooms also make them an attractive option for all classes of cleanroom. 

The positive airflow pushes air down through the cleanroom, allowing particles to be flushed out evenly through the low level exhaust vent.


  • Robust, impact resistant & durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain finish
  • Lets in light for ambient working conditions
  • Choice of doors or softwall strips for entry
  • Your logo can be printed on the panels
  • Allow external staff to oversee the internal cleanroom processes

Recommended for:

  • All sizes of cleanrooms
  • ISO Class 5-8 cleanrooms
  • Mini-environments (create an ultra-clean environment in an existing cleanroom)
  • Medical device manufacturing, life science, semiconductor and many more applications.

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