Cleanroom Energy Standard BS 8568:2013

Working towards BS 8568:2013 will help organisations become more efficient in their cleanroom operations. We can provide best practice advice on your energy consumption, for a high efficiency cleanroom performance that will reduce costs and deliver value to your organisation.

Benefits of reduced energy consumption:

Reduced environmental impact aiding sustainability

Dramatic cost savings through lower running costs

In June 2013 we attended a conference introducing the new Cleanroom Energy Standard BS 8568:2013. We are really excited about this standard, as there are so many ways in which we can help organisations work towards it!

How can Connect 2 Cleanrooms help our organisation work towards BS 8568:2013?

This table looks at Elements and Opportunities from BS 8568:2013 and highlights ways in which we can help your organisation work towards this standard. It will also support ISO 14001:2004 procedures which we are currently working to meet.

For more information on how we can help you meet the Cleanroom Energy Standard BS 8568:2013, contact us today.

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