The Decentralised Approach

Decentralised Air Handling for CleanroomsThe HVAC system is a vital component to deliver the level of compliance required in a controlled environment.

An effective cleanroom must deliver a high-volume of air through filter media to remove particulate and, where applicable, microbial contamination. The supply air may also need to be temperature and humidity-controlled to support the process needs and the ventilation requirements of all cleanroom staff.

What is decentralised air handling?

Decentralised air handling requires no central air handling unit (AHU). Instead, it features the constituent parts of an AHU, broken down into separate pieces of plant. Fan filter units (FFUs), temperature control units and dehumidification modules are distributed locally.

Once seen as the prerequisite plant for compliance, the AHU is ever more frequently being replaced with this decentralised approach. Benefits range from reduced construction costs and complexity, to an increase in usable footprint and flexibility.

Benefits include:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Modularity
  • Individual Controls
  • Plant space
  • Lead time
  • Flexibility to change specification

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