Digital Modelling

The time to embed performance and sustainability to a cleanroom design is at the front end of the process.

C2C use digital modelling to assess the interrelationship between process, plant and equipment, verifying the accuracy of a technical solution, before we manufacture and install the room.

3D Site Survey Scan

Every cleanroom, whether it is being retrofit or as part of a complete new build, needs a seamless interface with its surrounding facility.

3D laser surveys enable our design engineers to ensure that the design solution provided is fully optimised to accommodate any existing mechanical and electrical interfaces or existing building layout requirements.

3D Building Information Modelling

3D building information modelling helps optimise a cleanroom design solution.

3D Building Information Modelling

Airflow Modelling

CFD Airflow Modelling is used to demonstrate that air-flow patterns do not present a contamination risk. Cleanroom materials, leakage rates, oxygen requirements, exhaust volume and speed as well as air inflow are calculated and balanced to ensure exact requirements are delivered

The below example shows the calculations and modelling to determine the quantity of fan filter units (FFU) required in a GMP facility: 45 FFUs against 60 FFUs.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Design Qualification Design Approach & Layout Air handling

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