ISO cleanroom construction

Developing the most appropriate ISO cleanroom construction to transform your production is our passion. In the design phase, our team will review operational requirements, workflow optimisation, running costs, and any applicable building regulations. The result? A cleanroom custom-built for your process.


Monobloc cleanrooms


Hardwall cleanrooms


Softwall cleanrooms

Monobloc panels with an insulative core create a flush or semi-flush wall construction for processes demanding tighter control of environmental conditions.

Hardwall PVC or PETg panels, attached to a powder-coated mild steel frame create a high-integrity modular cleanroom wall construction. Ideal for relocation.

Softwall panels hung from a powder coated mild steel frame create the most economical type of modular cleanroom wall construction. Ideal for relocation.

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ISO cleanroom manufacturers

ISO cleanroom manufacturers

Structural and mechanical ISO cleanroom manufacture is essential to achieve functional and regulatory compliance. Each one of our cleanrooms features an air handling system designed to perform with controlled running costs. 

Take a look at the ways we can custom-build your perfect cleanroom solution.

Scalable icon


Can be extended or relocated as needs change

Air handling icon

Centralised or decentralised air handling

A flexible HVAC system with terminal HEPA filtration

ECO control system icon

ECO control system

Delivering advanced cleanroom monitoring & control

Flooring icon

Flooring choices

Process-compatible from looselay to coved vinyl

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Process, lux and energy compliant


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Smart Cleanrooms

ISO cleanroom design & build projects

Our complete systems achieve ISO classification. Not only that, but our ISO cleanroom design & build projects can also meet any applicable international engineering and building standards and regulations.

We’ve developed proven envelope solutions and reliable cleanroom HVAC designs for many applications. Over 50 cleanroom projects have been completed in the last 12 months alone, including:

  • 11,000m² cleanroom in Cardiff for healthcare production
  • 250m² cleanroom in Sunderland for electronic battery production
  • 325m² cleanroom in the Midlands for space-related R&D and manufacturing
  • 1600m² cleanroom in Southampton for solid-state battery production
Cytiva project Space Park project DER-IC project

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