Key facts

136m²  cleanroom facility

136m² cleanroom facility

For the production of protein powders 

Process-built layout

Process-built layout

With bays to separate production stages

1 bay with internal height of 5.5m

1 bay with internal height of 5.5m

To accommodate a mixing vessel 

Modular design

Modular design

Can be extended to facilitate future growth

Cleanroom - industrial blender

What did our client need?

A new ISO clean production area at Supreme Imports’ factory in Manchester has opened, for its Go Nutrition and Protein Dynamix branded products.

A leading battery and lighting distributor for over 40 years, Supreme Imports, is now the largest e-cigarette and vaping distributor in the UK and Europe. Production on its 88Vape brand of e-liquid has grown to 1.2 million bottles of e-liquid per week.

Having already partnered with Connect 2 Cleanrooms (C2C) to protect its e-liquid filling line, Supreme Imports appointed us to build a modular structure over its protein powders lab.

ISO Class 8 cleanroom food production

How did we help our client?

Split into bays, the cleanroom uses softwall PVC curtains to separate production stages whilst facilitating the movement of people and materials along the production line. To promote the correct implementation of gowning procedures a small change area was created, incorporating storage for consumables and outdoor clothing.

The protein blend area is built with an internal height of 5.5m to accommodate the mixing vessel height. HEPA filtration supplies clean and processed air over the critical points of production.

High cleanroom - 2 storeys

How did our client benefit?

Validated as-built to classes within ISO 14644-1:2015, Supreme Imports exceeds the requirements of food manufacturing regulations, demonstrating its commitment to quality.

The cleanroom was designed so it can be extended to facilitate future growth, which, considering the growing demand for Supreme Imports FMCG products, is inevitable.