Key facts






6.91m² (pods)




Air changes per hour

Air changes per hour

187no. air changes per hour at 0.45m/s

What did the client need?

Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is a world-leading science organisation. It supports research in development in many disciplines, including particle physics.

STFC has worked closely with Connect 2 Cleanrooms over the years, using the cleanroom specialists to engineer contamination control solutions to meet their niche requirements.  When STFC had a need for a bespoke cleanroom for The European Spallation Source (ESS) Sweden, it was Connect 2 Cleanrooms who won the tender and were successful in delivering the 2 cleanroom projects for ESS Sweden through STFC.

These cleanrooms are currently facilitating the build and operation of a particle accelerator, which will be the world’s most powerful neutron source, enabling scientific breakthroughs in research.

The first cleanroom supplied was to allow ESS to establish their own experiences and procedures on how they are going to build the accelerator. Once this cleanroom experience was established, STFC provided Connect 2 Cleanrooms with the concept for the second mobile cleanroom.

How did the client benefit?

The particle accelerator is being built in sections within this ISO Class 5 mobile cleanroom at ESS facilities in Sweden. These sections are initially built outside of the tunnel, as there are fewer restrictions on space and better access to infrastructure.

Accelerator sections are built in the cleanroom, once completed they are checked and sealed before being transported down the tunnel.

Inside the tunnel ESS have mobile cleanrooms to allow the interconnection of different accelerator sections maintaining ISO 5 conditions. This is an ongoing process, with the accelerator commissioning due in 2021.

How did we help the client?

To ensure an efficient cleanroom installation in Sweden, Connect 2 Cleanrooms first performed a ‘dry-build’ at its facility in Lancaster, supervised by STFC. This ensured the cleanroom delivered on site in Sweden was 100% functional and to specification.  This off-site construction also allows for a cleaner, more efficient build on site, as there will be no on site modifications.

The size of the tunnel presented a challenge for the mobile cleanroom. With an overall height of 4m, the services needed to operate the accelerator, such as water and compressed air, at points bring the height down to 3.5m.

For this reason, STFC requested the mobile cleanroom to be in 3 different sections. Each section could operate independently, but also could be connected together when in position. One section is also height adjustable so that it can move freely under the services, then be adjusted to a full height when in position.

As the mobile cleanroom was to be relocated frequently, it was built with a robust stainless steel construction.

STFC generated a user requirements specification (URS) document which we were to follow, due to their very niche knowledge and requirements.  We worked to STFC’s brief and added value to the design in terms of the fine detail, such as how to connect the cleanroom units together and perform the height alteration.

“The biggest stand out I can say about working with Connect 2 Cleanrooms is their flexibility. They bring ideas. For us, it gives them an advantage over other companies who try to offer more off-the-shelf cleanrooms, because STFC need a custom built solution.

“Their mobility and flexibility to find new areas for cleanrooms and having the skill to provide a bespoke solution, is something that isn’t readily available elsewhere.” 

Senior Vacuum Engineer, Science & Technology Facility Council