Key facts

What did the client need?

Royal Holloway, University of London, is developing physics detectors for studying neutrino interactions and searches for dark matter.

A cleanroom is an essential requirement when working with these types of detectors, as the detection medium is gas so any impurities will affect the quality of the experiment. The environment must be clean when the detectors are open.

How did the client benefit?

Royal Holloway are doing a lot of research and development on the detectors at the university. Once the dark matter detector is ready it will go to an underground laboratory, which is also a clean environment.

The neutrino detector will also be going to a national laboratory and operated in a beam-line, which again requires a cleanroom environment. The end goal of the neutrino research is to understand why there is very little anti-matter in the Universe.

How could we help the customer?

Connect 2 Cleanrooms has partnered with Royal Holloway to develop a Softwall clean room to support the R & D project and has delivered the most competitive offer that could meet the space requirements and the required classification requirements.

Having already installed cleanrooms in many of Britain's leading universities, we created a clean room with a freestanding, compact, classified environment, with castors, so it can be easily moved if needed.

The detectors have a low pressure gas and high pressure gas system and are so sensitive that they must be operated and assembled in a clean environment.

Without a cleanroom, you can’t do the science.

Royal Holloway University of London