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Air changes per hour

Air changes per hour

170 at an air speed of 0.45m/s in the main area

What did the client need?

ERIKS provides industrial components seals & rubber parts to organisations across many sectors, including the contamination conscious pharmaceutical, food & semi-conductor industries.

To add value to its clients, ERIKS was looking to introduce cleanroom packing for its BioHygienix products, which is its brand of seal products for bio industries.

ERIKS manufacture and supply industrial grade sealing parts, such as o rings and other seals, to be fitted to production lines. These industrial parts were organised and stored in an orderly industrial grade storage facility, but because of the environment there was always some contamination on the parts.

How did the client benefit?

With its 18m² ISO 14644-1:2015 Class 7 cleanroom, ERIKS can deliver parts clean and packaged to specification, so clients benefit from knowing that its parts are clean enough to go on their line.

“It reduces time, risk and improves the ease of use,” says Fierens. “It’s much easier for clients to go into their warehouse, pick up a part and put it immediately on the line.

“Clients don’t have to keep stock, they can just order from our stock, we have a vast number of stock available of every imaginable sort so we send them out clean and double bagged.”

How did we help the client?

We worked with ERIKS to develop its cleanroom environment. ERIKS wanted to start adding this extra value to clients straight away and we provided efficient project management.

We maximised on the available footprint and replaced a typical product transfer area with 2 transfer hatches. They are dedicated for goods in and out, giving the cleanroom the additional benefit of a practical pathway that suits the process.

The cleanroom features a control system that logs all data in the cleanroom area, with alarm function and batch ID. It also features HEPA filtration, temperature control, jigsaw flooring, bespoke branding and LED lighting.

"It was an extremely short timescale from our point of enquiry to the cleanroom being installed. The price is always important, but here the timing was crucial.”

Manager OEM & Operations, ERIKS nv