Key facts

12m² hardwall modular cleanroom

12m² hardwall modular cleanroom

from C2C's ready-to-ship range

Installed in R&D lab

Installed in R&D lab

for space engineering applications

Installed & validated to ISO 7

Installed & validated to ISO 7

by qualified C2C engineers

4x3m cleanroom

4x3m cleanroom

with integral change area and LED lighting

space engineering cleanroom

The client

Craft Prospect is a space engineering practice, based in Glasgow, Scotland. It manufactures AI, Optical, and Quantum Products for the small satellite industry.

It has developed ROKS, which stands for Responsive Operations for Key Services. When in orbit, ROKS gives its clients highly-secure encryption keys to communicate with an almost unbreakably secure link.

satellite production cleanroom

The project

C2C initially supplied Craft Prospect with a laminar flow booth in June 2021. Thanks to successful product development, Craft Prospect found themselves soon needing to grow cleanroom space. In September 2021, C2C provided Craft Prospect with a 12m² hardwall modular cleanroom from its Ready-to-ship range.

The Ready-to-ship range is a prefabricated range of cleanrooms in popular sizes. Available from stock, the range allows companies to quickly react to production requirements. They can be self-assembled, but Craft Prospect chose an installation and validation service from qualified C2C technicians.

C2C also provided workbenches and chairs to fit-out the cleanroom, as well as clothing and cleaning products.

cleanroom in glasgow

The cleanroom

The robust cleanroom creates ISO 14664-1 class 7 classified production areas. The cleanroom includes HEPA filtration - creating ISO-compliant air quality, positive pressure, and air changes.

The 4x3m cleanroom features a change area for the safe transfer of product and people into the clean environment and LED lighting provides the necessary lux levels for operatives. It is located next to a testing lab so any changes to the product can be made in the classified-environment prior to being tested to see if it can withstand the vibration and temperature extremes of launch and orbit.

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The cleanroom has become a vital tool for ensuring the quality and longevity of our systems. As missions and products increase in number and complexity, the cleanroom will become an even greater asset in fulfilling Craft Prospect’s vision for the future of space innovation.

Craft Prospect