Key facts

What did the client need?

Bull Brand was looking to diversify from the traditional tobacco industry, through the safe production of e-liquids at its UK production site.

Regulated by the MHRA, e-cigarette production is governed by legislation called the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU (TPD), in order to give “a high level of health and consumer protection”.

With this in mind, in order to be considered as a supplier to the big retailers, Bull Brand wanted to be confident that their manufacturing environment is controlled and repeatable.

How did the client benefit?

The cleanroom is located on a mezzanine deck with purlins and rafters overhead. We were able to create a cleanroom that accommodated these, fully aligning it with the facility.

This meant that Bull Brand were able to maximise on the space they had available, creating a workable and efficient manufacturing environment.

Pleased with their cleanroom environment, Bull Brand gave particular credit to our engineers, saying they were great to work with.

How did we help the client?

We developed a functional design for the cleanroom, through consultations and site visits.

The bespoke cleanroom features HEPA filtration, temperature control, interlocking doors, jigsaw flooring and decals to reinforce Bull Brand’s strong branding.

Also featured is a compact yet effective pallet truck barrier, that protects the cleanroom from the busy warehousing activities.

"One of the aspects I was most pleased with on this project, was how we were able to maximise on the space on the mezzanine, creating a seamless interface." 

Fiona Kerr, Territory Account Manager, Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd