Key facts

What did the client need?

Our client, a medical device manufacturer approached Connect 2 Cleanrooms after their need for a cleanroom grew as they took their medical project to the next level.

A clean controlled environment was an industry requirement for their clinical studies and the production of medical device samples.

How did the client benefit?

With an overall footprint 20.72m², the install included a small external change area which allows operators to gown up in a controlled area.

The main cleanroom area is 4m x 4.4m, ISO Class 8 and controlled by the ECO 1 System providing the client with a sustainable approach to their cleanroom.

How did we help the client?

We designed, manufactured and installed a modular hardwall panel system cleanroom at their client's premises, to improve quality, purity and consistency of their end product.

The design incorporates a mixture of hinged doors and sliding doors aiding the flow of material and personnel in and out of the cleanroom, and their branding to the outer panels add personalisation to the room.

The installation of the cleanroom has impacted our business greatly, it’s an asset we are proud to have which will rapidly progress the development of our products to the next stage. It will allow us to manufacture medical device products to the necessary standards of quality.

Development Scientist Arterius Ltd