Key facts

What did our client need?

The installation of a brand new ISO class 7 cleanroom, fully fitted with custom stainless steel furniture has increased Parker Bioscience Filtration’s capacity for the production of single-use manifolds used in biopharmaceutical processing.

The cleanroom facility houses a main production area and includes change and transfer areas, plus an unclassified office area.

How did we help our client?

As an integrated solutions provider, C2C provided a cleanroom design and build service, with cleanroom validation and bespoke furniture.

The made-to-order tables are able to accommodate the size and load bearing requirements of Parker Bioscience Filtration’s large-scale production machinery and the transfer of products along the production line is facilitated with clearing trolleys.

Parker Bioscience Filtration’s product transfer and operator gowning Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) are supported by stainless steel racking and specialist gowning storage and step over benches.

The furniture is made from a high quality grade 304 stainless steel, with a brushed finish, which is easy to clean with SOP compatible corrosion resistance.

How did our client benefit?

This comprehensive package provided a fully kitted-out cleanroom facility, relieving Parker of the logistical demands of sourcing from multiple suppliers. This resulted in quicker project delivery of a facility which matches the high standard of quality, which Parker is well known for.

A single point of contact for the cleanroom construction, furniture supply and room validation gave us confidence that our needs would be met from all aspects of developing our new facility. This ensured our requirements were fully realised by using a single supplier with multiple areas of expertise.

Parker Bioscience Filtration Project Engineer, Bioscience Division EMEA