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Clean room air conditioning

If temperature and humidity need to be controlled in your clean environment, you will benefit from a modular cleanroom with added air conditioning.

Temperature control may be required for operator comfort, precision measuring equipment, or the handling of sensitive products, compounds or ingredients.

Our solution is simple; a modular cleanroom with added A/C units creates a mini environment with independent controls.

Cleanrooom Air Conditioning Ducting

Applications include;

  • Computer rooms
  • Cleanrooms
  • Measuring equipment
  • Machining centres
  • Food preparation
  • Laboratory

The cleanroom air conditioning system

Our professional split system air conditioning units are renowned for their superior quality. The use of compressors allows us to offer outstanding reliability coupled with maximum efficiency. Our cleanroom AC systems are built using the latest technology then undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure excellent efficiency and reliability.

The cleanroom air con systems have directional airflow which can be adjusted remotely, along with the temperature, so the units are easy to control. They also only require a small electrical input making them very economical to run.

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