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18th Jul 2017

Data: The Nuts and Bolts of our Business

Our MD, Joe Govier, recently featured in The Telegraph as part of an article discussing how data is helping SMEs make better business decisions.
The article, which also features a marketing agency and GPS tracking company, provides an insight into how SMEs use their data analysis in different ways and how it impacts the success of their business.

Within the article, Joe explains how Connect 2 Cleanrooms started to tap into analytics because data is the nuts and bolts of the business.

How do we use the data?

As well as using a host of complex systems to collect real-time information about temperature differential levels and airborne particle counts, to remotely oversee and maintain physical environments on behalf of customers, internal data is also used by the management team to develop the company’s overall strategy.

Information on sales (including breakdowns by geography and product types), supplier spend, productivity and debtors is collected from various software packages managing finances, customer relationship management and e-commerce, and third-party sources that sell market research data from around the globe.

We also use the data to build customer profiles, including information such as frequency of purchases. The team can then broker long-term contracts with regular customers, offering dedicated service levels, free delivery and special offers in return for promised sales.

Marketing can also be designed to encourage less frequent purchasers to buy more regularly, using the data to predict likely upselling opportunities.

It can also provide information when a customer's buying habits change, or if they request product-specific information, allowing the business development team to make contact and offer guidance or answer questions.

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