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1st Feb 2017

Connect 2 Cleanrooms Supports Solar Cell Research at Swansea University

We have successfully completed the installation of an ISO 6 & 7 cleanroom at Swansea University to support their solar cell activity as part of  the SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre.

Swansea University approached us, following the construction of brand new state of the art laboratories at their Bay Campus with the requirement for a tightly specified cleanroom, to include temperature control to maintain 21°C and humidity control to be less than 30% relative humidity at all times.

We designed, manufactured and installed a Modular Hardwall panel system with an overall footprint of 114m², consisting of 4 rooms. The humidity controlled room is 6 m x 4 m, ISO class 7, temperature controlled to maintain 21 °C, and can deliver a constant humidity level of less than 30% at all times. The ISO Class 6 area is at the other end of the cleanroom, it is also 6m x 4m and is temperature controlled to maintain 21 °C.

The main cleanroom area is 11m x 6m, ISO Class 7; temperature controlled to the same level as the other rooms, and houses three gloveboxes for research requiring an oxygen-free atmosphere. The final room is the change area which is ISO Class 7, and allows operators to gown up in a controlled area, minimising the introduction of particles into the room.

The cleanroom design incorporates a mixture of swing doors and sliding doors to aid flow of materials and personnel into and out of the cleanroom, entry is controlled by swipe cards to restrict access, and the SPECIFIC logos on the outer panels personalise the room and add to the aesthetics of the design.

Swansea University was exceptionally satisfied with the end result and says "Connect 2 Cleanrooms provided an extremely professional and prompt service, with excellent communication throughout the design process and during installation on site. The cleanroom looks fantastic and we are very pleased with the end result.”

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