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4th Feb 2014

The Secret to Delivering Competitive Advantage through Process Control

"Globality” is now an established reality.  In this fully globalised marketplace, businesses truly are competing with everyone, from everywhere, for everything.  In order to stay ahead and leverage competitive advantage, businesses need to look beyond their current paradigms by reviewing and challenging existing processes, then forging ahead into new areas of process control.  

Many manufacturing leaders have successfully implemented current best practice processes, such as lean and agile manufacturing, along with process variability reduction techniques like statistical process control (SPC) or Six Sigma™.  

So, where do businesses go next?  How can businesses continue to drive towards the ultimate goal of zero defects and 100% right-first-time manufacturing yields?  The answer, an area frequently overlooked by current thinking, is the environment in which the product or process is created within.  

The list of manufacturing processes that can benefit from being conducted in a controlled environment, or cleanroom, is ever growing.  It extends well beyond the traditional areas such as pharmaceutical and life sciences. 
Think of plasma TV screens, car headlights, and double glazing as just a few examples of how the lack of contamination control could significantly damage the end user perception of your product, potentially impacting on your reputation in the market place.

A cleanroom creates a stable manufacturing environment, where the amount of contamination from particulates such as dust and dirt is controlled.  A more controlled environment will reduce process variability which could increase manufacturing yields.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms can design, develop and install, a bespoke fully modular clean room solution that will help protect your processes from harmful contamination; saving you time and money.  All our clean rooms are developed in-line with the latest International Standards (ISO 14644-1) to ensure it will support your business in process control and stability evolution.

Get in touch today and find out for yourself how a cleanroom can increase your profitability.  Our expert team will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you take the next step in your business's continuous improvement cycle.

Author: Darren Brackwell
Operations Manager
Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd

Tel: +44(0)1524 813020

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