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20th Apr 2016

Increasing Choice with New No-Outgassing Softwall Option

Softwall Options: PolySim™ or PVC

Softwall cleanrooms have always been a popular choice for organisations looking to create a straight-forward and low cost, clean environment.

Whilst PVC strips are an excellent economic option, some organisations need a more advanced material.

We now offer PolySim™ softwall curtain strips as an option for those organisations who require a class 1 fire-rated material with no outgassing and permanent ESD dissipation.

PolySim™ benefits:
  • Class 1 fire-rated
  • No outgassing, no blooming
  • Permanent ESD dissipation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in clear, white and black
PVC benefits:
  • Popular, economic option
  • Reduced static version optional
  • Non degradable in ambient conditions
  • High UV resistance
  • Available in clear and many colour tints

Simplex PolySim 509 Softwall Strip Curtains

This non-outgassing material is made by Simplex from an inherently static dissipative urethane that provides permanent, non-humidity dependent ESD protection for sensitive manufacturing conditions such as computer disc drives, microelectronics and aerospace.

There is no plasticizer used in Polysim, making the volatile condensable contaminants extremely low. Because Polysim is an alloy using high molecular weight materials, the static dissipation properties are permanent. Polysim is also Class 1 fire rated per flame spread and smoke test.

For more information see our softwall cleanrooms, or contact us today.

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