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7th Mar 2014

Hardwall cleanroom for use in subsea component assembly processes

Class:  ISO Class 8 (Federal Standard 100,000) – at rest occupancy state
Size:  100m² (8.18m x 12.25m x 2.825m high) Internal clearance 2.5m  
Filtration:  19 HEPA fan filter units
Air changes per hour:  121 air changes per hour
Additional Features:

  • Closed-loop control system
  • 4 x interior and exterior facing Polypropolene transfer hatches with stainless steel bottom
  • Interior and exterior facing steel skinned, powder coated hinged doors for access from the main cleanroom and the exterior
  • Solid PETg clear exterior walls
  • White opaque rigid PVC interior walls to floor
  • Powder coated steel floor ‘kick plates’ for the exterior of the cleanroom
  • Customer’s logo manifested on hardwall wall panels

Why did the client look for a cleanroom solution?

To develop processes for the assembly of subsea components by integrating modular cleanrooms, for their mission critical environments. A key stipulation was mini environments within the cleanroom which were accommodated by specifically designed rooms with internal doors and transfer hatches which protected the integrity of the cleanroom at all times.

How did the client find out about Connect 2 Cleanrooms?

They were recommended to the client by one of Connect 2 Cleanrooms previous customers.

Why did the client choose a modular cleanroom solution from Connect 2 Cleanrooms?

They were attracted by the short lead time and speed of installation, as this meant they could soon be capitalising on their production. Also, the use hardwall modular cleanroom construction plus the inclusion of the floor kick plates surrounding the exterior walls of the cleanroom, created a high integrity cleanroom making it an attractive option.
Another benefit was the quality of Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ Closed-Loop Control System. The system allows the client to store audit trail data for their customers and has automated monitoring, recording and control of the particulate level within the cleanroom. This combined with the energy saving advantages and the lower cost per m² compared to a traditional build style, made the modular cleanroom a very attractive option.

Did the client take advantage of Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ consumables division

To furnish the cleanroom the client bought stainless steel tables, chairs from C2C’s consumables & equipment division,

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