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8th Jun 2011

Connect 2 Cleanrooms Reducing Additives for Children’s Soft Drinks

As parents are getting more and more conscious of the content of the soft drinks they buy for their children, there is an increased pressure on drinks manufacturers to produce drinks with no added sugar or additives.  This potentially means a much shorter shelf life for products as sugar and additives work as a preservative.  However, drinks manufacturer Calypso found a way to produce healthy drinks without compromising on taste, or shelf life.

Calypso approached Connect 2 Cleanrooms as they were looking for a way they could reduce contamination occurring in the production and bottling process for the drinks they produce.  If the drinks were produced in a sterile environment and bottled in a cleanroom, there would be no need to add further preservatives to the drinks as they will not have been exposed to the microbial contaminants which could cause early decay.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms provide modular cleanroom solutions and after consultation with Calypso proposed the design of an ISO Class 5 cleanroom solution, which would achieve the required particle counts and be flexible enough in design to house Calypso’s production machinery.
Typically a modular cleanroom solution from Connect 2 Cleanrooms is manufactured with a powder coated mild steel frame, but for this project Calypso specified a grade 316 stainless steel frame.  As every cleanroom from Connect 2 Cleanrooms is designed in-house and manufactured bespoke, they were able to accommodate this request without delay.

Due to the modular nature of their solutions, Connect 2 Cleanrooms were able to install a temperature controlled cleanroom around Calypso’s existing production line.  This meant minimal down-time during the installation and also negated the need for difficult and costly removal of the existing machinery and equipment.

The cleanroom needed to allow access to the enclosed machinery for operation and maintenance.  The cleanroom was manufactured to be 4.5m high to accommodate the production machinery and was designed with softwall PVC curtain strips along one wall; this allowed access to the production machinery and the conveyor belt which runs alongside the cleanroom.

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