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12th Mar 2012

Connect 2 Cleanrooms Propel Visual Inspection Company in Malta into New Markets

JTI - Quality Inspection ServiceVisual inspection company, JTI, has invested in a modular cleanroom to support further expansion into electronics & pharmaceutical sectors.

JTI offer visual inspection services to manufacturing companies where high quality and zero defects are the norm. Clients either use their services as an extension of their own production processes to check for defaults, or they contact JTI for a one off inspection if a quality issue has arisen.

JTI's main client base is from automotive, electronics, telecoms and pharmaceutical sectors. The Malta based company undertake work for many European OEM's and their suppliers, such as the inspection of rubber seals for Formula 1 cars. JTI made the investment in cleanroom facilities to increase the scope of work it could undertake - particularly from the electronics and pharmaceutical sectors, where industry standards dictate that certain goods are produced in a classified environment.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms designed JTI's cleanroom to have in-built inspection desks with HEPA filtration mounted directly above, providing unidirectional down airflow. This has created an exceptionally clean area for the inspection of critical components to allow process confidence.
The cleanroom has multiple cascading zones; with the ISO Class 5 inspection areas, an ISO Class 7 general area and classified ISO Class 8 product transfer and change area. HEPA fan filter units allow for 0.3 micron filtration, giving 180 air changes per hour at a 0.5 m/s air speed in the Class 7 environment and 60 air changes per hour at 0.5 m/s air speed in the support areas.

The change and product transfer area has been furnished with a bespoke stainless steel step over bench and JTI - Quality Inspection Serviceproduct shelving rack from

JTI need to be faultless in their work, so a highly trained and motivated workforce is crucial to their third-party manual inspection service. The company already boast a team of over 80 inspection workers and the new cleanroom has created an additional 8 light and productive workspaces which can be used by JTI's shift-workers 7 days a week.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms are industry leaders in creating modular cleanroom solutions for critical environments, both in the UK and internationally. The company designs and manufactures hard and soft wall cleanrooms in-house and delivers quality cleanroom solutions to meet the ISO 14644-1 standard required. Its consumables division,, supplies a full range of consumables, equipment and furniture to the cleanroom industry worldwide.

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