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1st Sep 2011

Connect 2 Cleanrooms - Providing Modular Cleanroom Solutions that Fit, Anywhere in the World

Connect 2 Cleanrooms are proving they will travel the distance to meet customer's needs. In the last month aloneConnect 2 Cleanrooms international expansion we have installed modular cleanrooms in France, Holland, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, as well as in the UK.

A Customer Focus that Crosses Borders

Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ reputation for providing a customer focused solution is growing and every element of their service is tailored for each individual client; whether it be the flexible design capacity or willingness to travel.

Their focus is firmly on providing a quality product with excellent customer service. A designated Connect 2 Cleanrooms Project Engineer is assigned to each project and every cleanroom is bespoke; designed in-house by qualified engineers, who use their expertise to guide and advise clients on how to maximise an investment through effective design.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms remain committed to growing their share of the UK market as well as internationally. The Connect 2 Cleanrooms team has grown over recent years with additional Project and Installation Engineers. More recently, the introduction of a new Marketing team and Product Development Engineer is evidence that Connect 2 Cleanrooms is an aspirational company with vision.

The modular style of cleanroom benefits from some distinct advantages in the cleanroom market in comparison to the traditional build cleanrooms;
  • short lead time
  • low cost
  • can create a localised clean environment in an existing warehouse or laboratory
  • can be altered and expanded with additional units to increase the span

This unique benefit means investment can be managed in stages to ensure cost-effective ROI at all times; for every client, anywhere in the world.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms are industry leaders in creating modular cleanroom solutions for critical environments, both in the UK and internationally. The company designs and manufactures hard and soft wall cleanrooms in-house and delivers quality cleanroom solutions to meet the ISO 14644-1 standard required. Their consumables division supply a full range of consumables, equipment and furniture to the cleanroom industry.

For further information, please contact Marketing on +44(0)1524 812899

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