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18th Aug 2011

A Smart, Clean and Green Cleanroom Control System from Connect 2 Cleanrooms

Connect 2 Cleanrooms is leading the way in providing cleanroom systems for injection moulding applications that enable clients to be clean and green by simply being smarter in the way they operate. They're helping cleanroom users reduce energy costs by up to 50% but with no compromise on cleanliness.

Modular cleanroom solutions are the increasingly popular choice for contamination control within the injection moulding industry, as they turn an uncontrolled area into a cleanroom within just a couple of days. This means the only effect a cleanroom installation will have on production is the improvement to the process.

But some companies are finding running costs expensive as they have the level of air filtration in their modular cleanroom working at maximum level all day, and often even through the night.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms' have the solution. Their closed-loop control system ensures cleanrooms operate at optimum effectiveness whilst consuming the minimum of energy.

Their ECO-1 Control Panel interfaces with a series of high resolution particle and pressure sensors then using the outputs to vary the volume of filtered air delivered in to the cleanroom to dilute the concentration down to an acceptable level designated by ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom standard.

It allows clients to identify areas where energy can be saved, reducing the carbon footprint and maximising cost savings. ECO-1 is programmable, with day to night control; features automated light switching, data-logging and download, monitors temperature and humidity and has full Ethernet network compatibility. Managed reduction of fan speeds also brings the added benefit of longevity of relevant filters.
The closed-loop control process brings with it a welter of management information which helps companies analyse variances in production processes and demonstrate historical conformity. And, at Connect 2 Cleanrooms experienced project managers, installation and validation engineers will work with their clients in order to work better for them.

Their bespoke systems are project-managed in-house, including 3D CAD facilities, meaning they can be flexible with the design of cleanrooms to suit clients' individual needs.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms design and manufacture each clean room enclosure in purpose built UK facilities then supply them in assembly kit form to be shipped to anywhere in the world. Throughout the design, extensively trained and highly experienced staff will work with companies to enable their production to continue to run smoothly throughout.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms' facilities house a fully-functioning ISO 14644-1 Class 7 cleanroom, which clients are encouraged to visit. They can familiarise themselves with how their cleanrooms work and they also offer training for operators including recommended cleaning protocols and gowning procedures.

The cleanrooms offered from Connect 2 Cleanrooms use HEPA filtration to create an exceptionally clean environment with 0.3 micron filtration. Traditional build cleanrooms are static, whereas the modular design means units can be moved to different areas of a facility, or even different parts of the country if required. So as well as being less expensive per square metre than a traditional build, they also retain their value and carry on working as an investment.

No project is too big or too small, as small spans can be added together to create large rooms. Whatever the size, Connect 2 Cleanrooms offer a totally bespoke solution to suit each individual client's needs; utilising in-house CAD design expertise and qualified engineers to manage every aspect of each project, including full validation to the ISO 14644-1 class you require.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms create modular cleanroom solutions, along with their consumables division who provide contamination control supplies.

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