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14th May 2012

Business Energy Efficiency Solution from Connect 2 Cleanrooms

The demand for modular cleanrooms is increasing and more processes are                          Connect 2 Cleanrooms ECO-1 Control System                 benefiting from a cleanroom environment.
In today’s economic climate organisations have to make more informed decisions and understand what they want more from their cleanroom requirements as they can be expensive pieces of equipment. With the recent years of cutbacks that many industries have felt, organisations have had to rethink their business strategies and become leaner in the way they manage processes. With traditional cleanrooms, retrospective modifications can be difficult and costly so future demands must be accounted for in the initial specification. Add to this the increased awareness of environmental issues that should be considered – energy management, environmental issues etc. -and it can be a daunting task when asked to source a cleanroom solution.
However Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ modular cleanrooms are part of that leaner way of thinking Modular solutions are more flexible as expansions and relocations can be accommodated much more easily. Dramatic design improvements have also led to an increased demand for modular cleanrooms; for instance, the use of solid, clear wall panels has improved perception. They are no longer seen as the temporary, low budget option and now offer a reliable alternative to traditional cleanrooms.

Energy Management Systems (EnMS) – ECO-1

The European Union Energy Efficiency Directive currently negotiated puts a strong emphasis on energy audits which generally map all significant energy usage elements within a company. To encourage the uptake of EnMS, the role of energy efficiency as part of broader company strategies is taking a greater precedent.
The introduction of the Connect 2 Cleanrooms ECO – 1 system will help companies to encourage energy efficiency and in turn save running costs of the cleanrooms. Their closed-loop control system ensures cleanrooms operate at optimum effectiveness whilst consuming the minimum of energy.
Their ECO-1 Control Panel interfaces with a series of high resolution particle and pressure sensors. It uses the outputs to vary the volume of filtered air delivered in to the cleanroom to dilute the concentration down to an acceptable level designated by ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom standard.
It allows clients to identify areas where energy can be saved, reducing the carbon footprint and maximising cost savings. ECO-1 is fully programmable, with day to night control. It features automated light switching, data-logging and downloads, monitors temperature and humidity and has full Ethernet network compatibility.  Managed reduction of fan speeds also brings the added benefit of longevity of relevant filters.
The closed-loop control process brings with it a myriad of management information which helps companies analyse variances in production processes and demonstrate historical conformity.  At Connect 2 Cleanrooms experienced project managers, installation and validation engineers will work with their clients in order to ensure maximum efficiency of the cleanroom process.
Whatever the size of modular cleanroom required, Connect 2 Cleanrooms will offer a totally bespoke solution to suit each individual client’s needs. Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ bespoke systems are project-managed in-house, including 3D CAD facilities, meaning they can be flexible with the design of cleanrooms to suit clients’ individual needs.
The cleanrooms offered from Connect 2 Cleanrooms use HEPA filtration to create an exceptionally clean environment with 0.3 micron filtration. Traditional build cleanrooms are static, whereas the modular design means units can be moved to different areas of a facility, or even different parts of the country if required.  So as well as being less expensive per square metre than a traditional build, they also retain their value and carry on working as an investment.
Connect 2 Cleanrooms create modular cleanroom solutions, along with their consumables division who provide contamination control supplies.

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