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21st May 2014

Connect 2 Cleanrooms create a bespoke hybrid modular cleanroom for The E-Liquid Company

Class:  ISO Class 7 (Federal Standard 10,000) – at rest occupancy state.

Size:  18m² (6m x 3m x 2.425m high) Internal clearance 2.1m.                   

Filtration:  3 x variable speed controlled HEPA ceiling fan filter units.

Air changes per hour:  Outward air changes of 123 / hour and an air speed of 0.5m/s at filter face.

Additional Features:

  • Hybrid – mixture of soft and hardwall panels
  • Centre of the room achieves ISO 14644-1 Class 5 unidirectional air to the critical area with a comfortable ISO 14644-1 Class 7 background
  • White powder coated Polyurethane painted mild steel frame
  •  7 x legs with bolt down feet
Complete with:
  • 1 x magnehelic pressure gauge 0-250Pa to monitor filter pressure
  • 2 x IP20 tear drop fittings
The E-cigarette Market is currently a highly debated topic, and with forecasted annual growth of 31% there are enormous opportunities within this sector. As quoted recently on BBC News, E-Cigarette users are 60% more likely to quit smoking.
E-cigarettes are huge in demand as they are a cheaper alternative and potentially less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Vendors such as The E-Liquid Company are coming up with more electronic cigarette flavours to lure more customers into the market.
What are the key benefits of using e cigarettes?
They help to reduce the number of smokers around the world as it is a healthier option than inhaling 4000+ toxic chemicals that can be found in cigarettes. E – Liquids products contain a variety of every day food components that can be digested, vegetable glycerine helps to produce the vapour. Flavours include food flavours, drink flavours or tobacco flavour. They contain nicotine but have zero nicotine options as well, NO alcohol and are nut free.
Why did The E-Liquid Company look for a cleanroom solution from Connect 2 Cleanrooms?

Working closely with The E-Liquid Company, Connect 2 Cleanrooms recommended a hybrid (combination of rigid PETg panels and softwall curtains), modular cleanroom solution was requested to be fitted over the e-liquid mixing and dispensary equipment. The modular cleanroom achieves an ISO 14644-1 Class 5 over the critical area of production, cascading to a background area achieving ISO 14644-1 Class 7.

How will the new regulation on NCP’s effect The E-Liquid Company?

By investing in a Connect 2 Cleanrooms modular cleanroom, The E-Liquid Company recognises the importance of creating controlled environments when producing the liquids for the e-cigarette applications. It also gives their customers reassurances that the products will be produced in a clean environment, reducing the risk of potential microbial contamination and it will diversify them from competition, especially the home manufacturers.

Why did the client choose a modular cleanroom solution from Connect 2 Cleanrooms?
They were attracted by the short lead time and speed of installation, as this meant they could soon be capitalising on their production.
What are the future growth plans?                                                                                                                                   
Concentrating on two markets - tobacco market and the shisha market, E liquid are forecasting the output of 2 million units per month, catering for all market sectors. The E-liquid Company will be adopting a 2 fold development strategy,    i) active promotion to the wholesale side of the industry which involves a white label allowing companies to create their own brand, along with the ii) promotion of the ‘Vaper Heights’ brand which will targeted to the smaller independent businesses.
Plans are already being set in place to extend their existing modular cleanroom from Connect 2 Cleanrooms to accommodate larger manufacturing equipment. As all Connect 2 Cleanrooms are bespoke and modular, the existing cleanroom will be extended, allowing the cleanroom to accommodate a company who forecasts rapid production growth, at an affordable cost.        
The E-Liquid Company customer quote:

"The service provided by Connect 2 Cleanrooms was outstanding and a reflection of the cooperation provided by the company to supply a bespoke solution for our mission critical environment. As a team working together, The E-Liquid Company and Connect 2 Cleanrooms have synergies in understanding the importance of providing a bespoke service both in the cleanroom industry and the E liquid industries.”  - Suhail Virmani, Director – The E-Liquid Company
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