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14th Sep 2017

15 Things You Can Fit In Our Latest Monobloc Cleanroom

Using the latest techniques in off-site construction, we recently developed a large scale monobloc panel system cleanroom for a market leading medical product manufacturer.

You can read about how we delivered it to specification, on time and on budget.

We recently overheard our Technical Projects Engineer, Jack, (who designed the cleanroom) in conversation saying how it was so large, you could park 129 minis in the cleanroom.

This got us thinking, what else could you fit in there?

1. You could park 129 classic minis.
Classic Minis
You could fit more in if you stacked them - 338 to be exact!

2. There's room for 8.7 million cups of tea.
Cups of tea
Which would last our office about a week! Just kidding, we’d need some coffee too.

3. You could store 6 million bottles of Spirigel Complete 500ml.
*Places order with to test this out*

4. There is space for 1.2 Olympic swimming pools.
Fancy a dip anyone?

5. You could park 25 double deckers.
Double Decker Bus
Tickets please.

6. Over 1600 step over benches would fit.
Step Over Benches
Your choice of Trespa or stainless steel.

7. You could squeeze in 12 million battenburg cakes.
We needed something to go with those cups of tea.

8. You could park no less than 58 VW Transporters. 
Our Installation & Validation team’s vehicle of choice!

9. You could stack 6.5 million iPad Pros.
iPad Pro
Can we get the wifi code please?

10. There is room for 743 million dice!
If you’re feeling lucky. Not much space left for rolling though.

11. Around 3 million Cleanroom Technology books.
Cleanroom Technology Book
AKA Bill Whyte’s Cleanroom Bible

12. A whopping 6 million tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
Ice Cream
Phish Food all the way.

13. There's space to install 37 Rapid Room Cleanrooms.
Rapid Rooms
37 rapid rooms - now there’s a mini environment!

14. You could fit 1100 telephone boxes side by side.
Telephone Boxes
Who are you going to call?

15. Last but not at all least, 3 million pints of Peroni.
We needed something to celebrate bringing this extensive project in on time, to specification, on budget, with a happy client.


Disclaimer: Just because you can do something, it doesn't mean you should! Anyone attempting to bring the majority of these items into any cleanroom should immediately be signed up for one of our Cleanroom Training  courses!

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