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15th Oct 2012

Clean Air Solutions for Machine Building and Automation Processes

Potentially harmful particles typically exist in everyday manufacturing environments and can cause potential failure to product production susceptible to contamination or harmful from everyday micro-organisms.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms are market leaders in air flow technology and have recently extended their range to include a series of high performance cleanroom solutions for machine building and automation companies. These solutions can be designed to be integral to the machines in the form of unidirectional (laminar flow) canopies that feed cool air onto the machine tool. They are unique in design with apertures being provided both on runners and hinged to allow unhindered access to the machine.

A positive airflow is delivered through 99.99% efficient HEPA filters with low torque energy efficient motors. Airflow is variable enabling various classification of air cleanliness. The classification system used is the ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom and Associated Environments, ensuring compatibility for various industries including pharmaceutical, medical device, automotive and electronics.

The clean air flow systems can be designed and integrated at a design stage using 3D modelling then installed as a part of any factory acceptance test with full validation due at the site commissioning.

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