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Helps Organisations Meet Cleanroom Energy Standard BS 8568:2013 

Connect 2 Cleanrooms' ECO Control System is an Energy Management System (EMS) designed to ensure that your cleanroom operates at optimum effectiveness whilst consuming the minimum of energy and extending filter life.

The Control System controls the airflow within the room in relation to the level of contamination within the cleanroom, ensuring environmental parameters are still met when airflow is reduced. 

This energy reduction method is most effective with the Closed Loop Control System.  This monitors the contamination level in the cleanroom, as well as other parameters such as pressure, then controls the airflow accordingly.  

Monitoring related control means unscheduled events that can cause contamination, such as unscheduled personnel entering the environment, will not take the room out of classification, as airflow will automatically be increased to maintain the environmental parameters.

A more basic system is also available, which allows the setting of timed air-flow management for operational activities and non operational activities; often referred to as Day / Night.  
All monitoring & control is managed through the ECO Control Panel, which has been specifically designed for ease of use. 

Only use the energy you need

The chart below demonstrates how a closed loop control system will vary the airflow in a cleanroom according to the levels of contamination – significantly reducing energy consumption.
Cleanroom Control System Energy Consumption Chart

What are the benefits of using Connect 2 Cleanroom's control system?

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased service interval and extended filter life
  • Improved process confidence
  • Detects and conforms to changing environmental conditions
  • Displays cleanroom conditions in real time
  • Logs historical data for compliance and process traceability
  • EN 16001 compliant


  • Programmable with Day / Night control
  • Automatic lighting control
  • Data logging and download
  • Alarm outputs with remote signaling
  • Cleanroom validation and service reminder scheduling
  • Temperature / humidity monitoring
  • Batch identification
  • Secure operator login for access control
  • Ethernet network compatible with PC software
For more information download the ECO-1 Control System brochure (PDF download), or make an enquiry today.

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