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Cleanroom Extensions

Our modular cleanrooms can be extended so your investment is future-proofed!

As we can reconfigure or extend your modular cleanroom as demand for your product or service grows, you only have to invest the size you need at the time - making it a cost-effective asset.

We have clients who have extended up to 4 times!

2008                                                2015

Cleanroom Extension

See a recent cleanroom extension case study.

Cleanroom Relocations

The modular design of our cleanrooms means they are able to be relocated!

If you need to move your cleanroom to another part of your facility, or even another country, we can facilitate this for you.

Our installation engineers are able to safely decommission, transport, install and re-validate our cleanrooms. 

We have done this for many clients. In fact, one of our clients has a cleanroom over 3m tall that has been relocated 5 times now - at multiple sites across the UK! 

Edwards relocation


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