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Modular Monobloc Cleanroom System

Monobloc panels achieve a flush finish cleanroom system - with windows, doors, wall and ceiling panels specifically developed to offer custom solutions for a variety of cleanroom applications and industries.

This system is perfect for projects which require FM Approval. With its lightweight construction, walk on ceilings and range of pre-formed accessories our Puracore® based cleanrooms are extremely robust and quick to assemble on site.

This off site pre-engineered Monobloc panel system offers further customer choice when planning cleanroom solutions.

Puracore cleanroom for laboratory        Monobloc partition system cleanroom

FM Approved

The Puracore® cleanroom systems meet the highest ISO and GMP quality standards required for Class 5-9 cleanrooms worldwide. The Puracore® Aluminium Honeycomb Panel System is FM Approved Class 4882, being the only cleanroom panel in the UK assured by FM Global for the highest level of fire resistance.

Puracore® Specification

  • 50mm thick, flush wall panels
  • Aluminium honeycomb panel insulation
  • Skin: Choice of 0.5mm Galvanised Steel Substrate, Stainless Steel or Aluminium Powder Coat
  • Finish for Galvanised Steel Substrate: Choice of White Food Safe Laminate, Primer Painted or Anti-microbial UPVC
  • Panel Frame: Structural aluminium box frame -grade 6063
  • Fire Resistance: WFSL & Anti-microbial UPVC Class 1, all other skins and finishes Class 0

Puracore® Benefits

  • FM Approval class 4882
  • Lightweight structure
  • Pre Engineered off site, ensuring quick installation times
  • Can be integrated with our ECO-1 System
  • Solid construction with walk on ceilings
  • Tight joint lines achieve a flush finish (no horizontal surfaces)
  • Designed to easily integrate all cleanroom components


  • Meets the highest ISO & EU GMP Quality standards required for Class 3-9 cleanrooms worldwide
  • All sizes of cleanrooms
  • Sectors – Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Engineering, Laboratory, Energy, Healthcare

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