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Why should our organisation work towards the new Cleanroom Energy Standard?

Working towards BS 8568:2013 will help organisations become more efficient in their cleanroom operations. We can provide best practice advice on your energy consumption, for a high efficiency cleanroom performance that will reduce costs and deliver value to your organisation.

Benefits of reduced energy consumption:
  • Reduced environmental impact aiding sustainability
  • Dramatic cost savings through lower running costs
In June 2013 we attended a conference introducing the new Cleanroom Energy Standard BS 8568:2013. We are really excited about this standard, as there are so many ways in which we can help organisations work towards it!

How can Connect 2 Cleanrooms help our organisation work towards BS 8568:2013?

This table looks at Elements and Opportunities from BS 8568:2013 and highlights ways in which we can help your organisation work towards this standard. It will also support ISO 14001:2004 procedures which we are currently working to meet.

Element Opportunity How we can help
Facilities design/ redesign
Optimise energy consumption
Modular cleanrooms create a localised area so only the required space is converted to a clean environment. As they are easily extended, there is no limitation for future development.
Garment requirements
Maximise containment of people emissions
Our consumables team at are able to advise on correct specification of cleanroom garments to meet process requirements.
Operator competence
Ensure people are trained to operate in cleanrooms
Trained operators will be more efficient and work in a way that will generate less particles. See our next cleanroom training date.
Air handling units
Use the most efficient equipment
We use High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter Fan Units (FFUs), which are the most economic filtration method for cleanroom use.
Air filters Reduce excessive pressure drops The FFU prefilters filter out large particles, reducing the risk of them blocking the fine HEPA filters and causing pressure drops.
Environmental monitoring systems (EMS)
Monitor environmental parameters to support energy reduction methods
Our Closed Loop Control System uses environmental monitoring data to vary airflow, so performance is achieved by using the minimal amount of energy.
Turn down
Run HVAC at reduced rate when cleanroom not operational
Our Control System automatically varies airflow and will introduce more clean air when personnel re-enter, so unauthorised entry is not a concern.

For more information on how we can help you meet the Cleanroom Energy Standard BS 8568:2013, contact us today.

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