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ISO 7 Softwall Cleanroom w/ ISO 5 Laminar Flow Work Areas

Build because: when using degraded DNA in molecular biology it is imperative that work is conducted in an environment free from any human DNA contaminants
Size: 7m²
Type:ISO 7 with ISO 5 Laminar Flow Work Area

Class: ISO Class 7 (Federal class 10,000)
Size: 2.53m x 2.8 m x 1.9 high
Filtration: HEPA filtration
Additional features:
Integral stainless steel bench and laminar airflow
Class 100 flow directly above the area
Light and UV light controls and opaque divide

Why did the client look for a cleanroom solution?

When using degraded DNA in molecular biology it is imperative that work is conducted in an environment free from any human DNA contaminants.

Tests in ancient DNA conducted by Université de Toulouse (Laboratoire d´Anthropobiologie) dictate that strict clean air conditions are required when studying and understanding the evolution and history of human settlements.

It was therefore established that the Laboratoire d´Anthropobiologie required an ISO Class 7 cleanroom which was divided into two work areas by an opaque divide with separate fans, lights and UV light controls, to assist in accurate project data capture.

How did the client find out about us?

“The Head of my previous institute (LCHES) at Cambridge University initially contacted Connect 2 Cleanrooms in 2003. I was very impressed by the service and products of the cleanroom and so, they were consequently my first choice when I had to find a similar solution in France” - Dr Ricaut, Laboratoire d’Anthropobiologie, Université de Toulouse

Why did the client choose a modular cleanroom solution from Connect 2 Cleanrooms?

The client found that all questions regarding the order were answered efficiently and supported by detailed drawings. The installation was very quick and there was clear explanation on how the cleanroom operated and how to overcome any operating issues should they arise. The client would comfortably recommend Connect 2 Cleanrooms and stated that they “….have already advised colleagues in France to use Connect 2 Cleanrooms.”

How did we help the client?

The solution proposed by Connect 2 Cleanrooms had two major advantages for the clients:

  1. The cleanrooms provided are an efficient part of the decontamination process conducted at the University.
  2. The modular system approach was very convenient at a time when the laboratory was in a phase of relocation and restructuring.

This unique approach to cleanrooms allows the client the benefit of a lower initial investment with the option of extending the cleanroom if the project may expand.

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