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ISO Class 7 Cleanroom for Neutrino Research

Built to: Protect dark matter detectors
Size: 10m²
Type: Softwall

Class: ISO Class 7 
Size: 10m² 
Filtration: HEPA ceiling fan filter units
Air changes per hour: 86 at an air speed of 0.45m/s

What did the client need?

Royal Holloway, University of London, is developing physics detectors for studying neutrino interactions and searches for dark matter.

A cleanroom is an essential requirement when working with these types of detectors, as the detection medium is gas so any impurities will affect the quality of the experiment.

“Without a cleanroom, you can’t do the science,” explains Dr Joseph Walding. “The environment must be clean when the detectors are open.”

How did we help the client?

Connect 2 Cleanrooms worked with Royal Holloway to develop a softwall cleanroom to support the R&D project, providing the most competitive quote that met the footprint and classification requirements set.

With cleanrooms in many of the UK’s leading universities, Connect 2 Cleanrooms designed a cleanroom that is a freestanding, compact, classified environment, featuring castors so it can be easily relocated if required.

The detectors feature a low pressure gas and a high pressure gas system and are so sensitive they need to be operated in a clean environment, as well as constructed in one.

How did the client benefit?

“We’re doing a lot of research and development on the detectors at the university. Once the dark matter detector is ready it will go to an underground laboratory, which is also a clean environment,” continues DrWalding.  

“The neutrino detector will also be going to a national laboratory and operated in a beam-line, which again requires a cleanroom environment. The end goal of the neutrino research is to understand why there is very little anti-matter in the Universe.”

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