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Softwall Cleanroom with Temp Control

Build for: the manufacture of power solutions used in aerospace applications
Size: 21m²
Type: Softwall

ISO14644-Part 1 Class: 8
Federal Class: 100,000
Size: 21m2 (6m x 3.5m x 2.8m high)
Filtration: HEPA filters
Air changes per hour: 88
Additional features:
Flooring: Gerflor interlocked anti-static flooring
Temperature Control: A/C Mitsubushi 21 deg C +/- 2 deg C

Why did the client look for a modular cleanroom solution?

Our client; a world leader in the research, design, development and delivery of power solutions; required a clean environment for the manufacture of power solutions used in aerospace applications for customers who cannot afford failure.

How did we help the client?

This comprehensive cleanroom enclosure with lighting, temperature, HEPA filtration and specialist flooring was installed in just 2 days meaning the client could continue their critical work with minimal inconvenience.

The modular cleanroom provided by Connect 2 Cleanrooms has added an extra layer of security into their processes, both reducing wastage and increasing customer confidence.

About the client

The client’s main product lines are battery products and optical instrument products. They have many very interesting projects which include the manufacture of Lithium-ion batteries for spacecraft and launch vehicles including those of NASA. Their power solutions for the Military offer a wide range of defence systems including dismounted soldier, tactical communications remote unmanned, satellite communications and training systems as well as providing products for the Oil and Gas industry.

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