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ISO Class 7 Hardwall & Softwall Cleanroom for Plastics Application

Built because: our client took on a project which was specified to be conducted in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom.
Size: 18m²
Type: Hybrid

Class: ISO 14644-1 Class 7
Size: 18m² (6m x 3m)
Filtration: 4 HEPA filter fan units (FFU)
Air changes per hour: 137
Additional features:
  • Solid hardwall panels to the front, softwall PVC panels to the rear 3 walls.
  • Internal change/goods transfer area
  • Machine face no central legs for increased machine arrangement options
  • Cleanroom lighting
  • Stainless steel furniture

Why did the client look for a cleanroom solution? 

Our client supplies quality injection mould tooling to all sectors of industry including medical, automotive and electronics.  In early 2013, our client took on a project which their client specified had to be conducted in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

How did the client find out about Connect 2 Cleanrooms?

After finding us during an internet search, our client visited us at a Plastics exhibition, where they saw one of our cleanroom solutions in operation.  When the project was closer, Acorn also visited Connect 2 Cleanrooms head office in Lancaster to see our show room cleanroom.

Why did the client choose a modular cleanroom solution from Connect 2 Cleanrooms?

As Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ modular cleanrooms can easily be extended or moved, our client's investment was future-proofed against up and coming project requirements. With such a competitive price and reduced lead times compared to the traditional-build cleanrooms they had been considering, our solution offered flexibility, without compromise.

How did Connect 2 Cleanrooms help the client?

We designed a bespoke cleanroom enclosure that was able to give part coverage over injection moulding machines.  The front hardwall, made from PeTG panels, gives a clear view of the machines for improved health and safety and aesthetics.  The softwall rear walls allow PVC strips to create a profile around the machines, giving a close fit so no particles enter the clean area.  The result is a secure cleanroom environment, protecting the tool face from harmful contamination.

Did the client take advantage of Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ consumables division

They used to fit out the cleanroom, with a step over bench for the change area, a stainless steel table and cleanroom chair. 

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