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Offsite Constructed ISO Class 6 Cleanroom for Global Technology Company

Built to: Maximise on footprint area in a curved room
Size: 113m²
Type: Hardwall

Class: ISO Class 6 
Size: 113m² 
Filtration: HEPA ceiling fan filter units
Air changes per hour: 200 at an air speed of 0.45m/s

What did our client need?

Our client needed to convert a room in their facility to an ISO 6 Cleanroom. The challenge was that the building was curved and so to maximise on the footprint we needed to design the cleanroom with an irregular layout.

How did we help our client?

We designed a cleanroom with a layout that aligned perfectly along the curved wall and existing doors of the facility.
We used offsite construction methods to prefabricate the cleanroom prior to installation. Despite the irregular layout and overseas location, the cleanroom was manufactured without fault and installation was smooth.

How did the client benefit?

This resulted in the client benefiting from a cleanroom that was fully aligned and integrated into their facility - maximising on the footprint available.

This project was managed by our distributor Perel Oy.

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