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Mini Environment for Injection Moulding

Build to: house an Arburg injection moulding machine with a closed conveyor
Size: 8.32m²
Type: Hybrid

Class: ISO Class 7 (Federal Class 10,000)
Size: 8.32m2
Filtration: ULPA Filtration
Air changes per hour: 84
Additional features:
Hybrid hardwall & softwall
Change area complete with step over bench
In-built transfer hatch for the transfer of goods

Why did the client look for a cleanroom solution?

The client needed a mobile cleanroom to house an Arburg injection moulding machine.

Why did the client choose a modular cleanroom solution from Connect 2 Cleanrooms?

The modular cleanroom encloses the clamp area of an Injection Moulding Machine with a closed conveyor. The Softwall enclosure creates a mini environment where the cleanroom standard is acheived.

How did we help the client?

The unit comes complete with storage and transfer area together with a change/lobby area. Additional lighting is supplied using tear drop design fluorescent fittings, with filter monitoring in place using Magnehelic differential pressure gauges. The room is built on swivel braked castors giving freedom to move the room for maintenance and mould changes.

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